Springbok - a medium sized brown and white gazelle that stands about 75 cm high

Silver fox

Salamander - common name of approximately 500 species of amphibians. They are typically characterized by slender bodies, short noses, and long tails.

Reindeer - also known as the caribou when wild in North America, is an Arctic and Subarctic-dwelling deer, widespread and numerous across the northern

Pronghorn - though not an antelope is also known as pronghorn antelope or prong buck.[2] IT is a species of ungulate mammal native to interior western

pony - a small horse with a specific conformation and temperament.

Peccary - are medium-sized mammals of the family Tayassuidae.

Newt - salamanders that live much or all of their adult lives under water, although not all aquatic salamanders are considered newts.

muskox - an Arctic mammal of the Bovidae family, noted for its thick coat and for the strong odor emitted by males, from which its name derives

Mole - moles burrow, some species are aquatic or semi-aquatic. Moles have cylindrical bodies covered in fur, with small or covered eyes

Llama - a South American camelid, widely used as a pack animal by the Incas and other natives of the Andes mountains.

Lemur - are members of a group of primates known as prosimians. The term "lemur" is derived from the Latin word lemures, meaning "spirits of the night

Cat loves Iguana -

Iguana - lizard native to tropical areas of Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Ground Hog - also known as woodchuck, land beaver or whistlepig, is a rodent of the family Sciuridae, belonging to the group of large ground squirrels

gemsbok - a large African antelope, of the Oryx genus. The name is derived from the Dutch name of the male chamois

Domestic sheep - are quadrupedal, ruminant mammals typically kept as livestock. Like all ruminants, sheep are members of the order Artiodactyla, the e

l aquila italy - (videos) Strong earthquake hits central Italy, 6.3 magnitude earthquake shook the city of L’Aquila,

Eland - is a savannah and plains antelope found in East and Southern Africa.

Dormouse - rodents of the family Gliridae, found in Europe, although some live in Africa and Asia.

Dingo - domestic dog that has reverted to living in the wild and today mostly lives independently from humans.

Coyote - known as the prairie wolf, is a species of canid found throughout North and Central Ameriica

Chinchilla - crepuscular rodents, slightly larger than ground squirrels, native to the Andes mountains in South America.

Camels - are even-toed ungulates within the genus Camelus. The dromedary, one-humped or Arabian camel has a single hump & Bactrian camel has two hump

American Bison (Buffalo) - a North American species of bison, also commonly known as the American buffalo. "Buffalo" is somewhat of a misnomer

Bighorn sheep - a species of sheep in North America and Siberia with large horns which can weigh up to 30 pounds

Basilisk -a legendary reptile reputed to be king of serpents and said to have the power to cause death with a single glance

Basilisk - s a legendary reptile reputed to be king of serpents and said to have the power to cause death with a single glance

Armadillo - small placental mammals, known for having a leathery armor shell.

Antelope - These animals are spread relatively evenly throughout the various subfamilies of Bovidae and many are more closely related to cows or goats

Addax - also known as the screwhorn antelope, is a critically endangered desert antelope that lives in several isolated regions in the Sahara desert.

Waterbuck - n antelope found in Western, Central Africa, East Africa and Southern Africa.

Turtles - Secial bony or cartilaginous shell developed from their ribs

Snakes - elongate legless carnivorous reptiles- suborder Serpentes that can be distinguished from legless lizards by their lack of eyelids and ex

Shrew - small, superficially mouse-like mammals of the family Soricidae. Although their external appearance is generally that of a long-nosed mouse

Rat - various medium sized, long-tailed rodents of the superfamily Muroidea. "True rats" are members of the genus Rattus, Black Rat, Brown Rat

Quagga - an extinct subspecies of the Plains zebra, which was once found in great numbers in South Africa's Cape Province and the southern part of

Prairie dog - (videos) small, burrowing rodents (not actually dogs) native to the grasslands of North America.

Polar bear - a bear native to the Arctic Ocean and its surrounding seas. The world's largest carnivore found on land, a title it shares with the Kodia

Parrot - are birds of the roughly 372 species in 86 genera that make up the order Psittaciformes,found in most warm and tropical regions.

Oxen (Ox) - are bovines trained as draught animals. Often they are adult, castrated males. Oxen are used for ploughing, transport, hauling cargo

Opossum - (videos) Didelphimorphia is the order of common opossums of the Western Hemisphere

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